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About Our CEO

Rory Marsh is a qualified organizational communication consultant. He has a passion for finding prospective home owners homes that matches their needs and personality. Innately, Rory is driven to be the best at everything he does. He has extensive brand management and communication experience in both Real Estate and Retail sales. He is energized by developing, communicating and selling ideas and products.

Rory’s most recent passion is providing doctors, university lecturers and business owners in Kingston, and Jamaica’s north coast with the ideal residential and commercial real estate solutions to suit their needs. He is especially proud of his successes in selling and leasing resort properties. Within the last 12 months Rory has managed to close several large resort transactions in St. Ann through his resourcefulness and creative negotiation strategies. This has allowed his clients to earn tens of millions of United States dollars in revenue.

Before his interest in real estate and assuming position as the CEO of Meldam Realty, Rory was successful in developing and managing several brands at one of the nation’s largest meat and food distribution companies. He has also provided consultative services to Jamaica Standard Products, an award winning coffee exporter, where he successfully managed the re-launch of their premium Blue Mountain brand.

Rory has been able to satisfy clients’ needs through active listening, visualization and group conceptualizing, resulting in happy customers, and successful real estate investors. It is this commitment to success which drives Rory to continue to source attractive properties for investors, by gaining extensive knowledge of the areas in which his clients’ properties are located, and keeping on top of trends in the real estate market. These key components allow him to provide accurate and sound analytical advice.
Rory’s reputation of professionalism and integrity are at the core of his success and the success of his clients.