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About Us

Meldam Realty operated for over 40 years in Ocho Rios before purchasing the Keller Williams Jamaica franchise in 2017. We moved from mainly servicing the North Coast as a boutique Real Estate Brokerage to servicing the entire island as one of its largest brokerages.

We specialize in the sale and lease of commercial and residential properties to local and international clients. Our highly trained, tech-savvy, and well-supported agents help home buyers and investors to move into their dream homes and investment properties faster and more seamlessly.

We pride ourselves on being "Built by Agents, for Agents." As a result, we are a training-based, technology-driven, and hands-on supportive brokerage that has a top performer culture. We host several training sessions each week with local and international presenters. We expose agents to a wide variety of industry-related, business-planning, technology-based, marketing-related, and customer-service-related training sessions. In addition, we are also accountable to and sharing critical information from the Real Estate Board and Realtors Association of Jamaica during our training sessions.

We are heavily guided by our Mission, Vision, Values, and Belief System. These are depicted below: (Insert image from MVVBP pdf here)

Our strong supportive culture enable us to equip our agents with the tools and support systems needed for them to have thriving Real Estate Careers. This helps them get their clients into their dream homes, commercial, and investment properties faster.