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Farm/Agriculture For Sale In Portland

USD $2,000,000

JMD $307,820,000 CAD $2,547,757 £1,532,053 €1,782,604


Lumber is scarce on the world market; this is an excellent investment opportunity for serious investors! 102 acres with Over 42,000 Honduras Mahogony Trees. Honduras Mahogony trees are more upright and larger than others! Mahogony is the most beautiful of hardwoods, solid, heavy and durable. They are water-resistant, not prone to rot or decay and pests cant penetrate them! Mahogony is used for building furniture, cabinetry, turned objects, veneers, musical instruments, boat building, floors, ceilings, doors, carving among other uses! Mahogony is valued for its beauty and durability. When trees are cut, nothing gets wasted; Wood chips from tree cuttings can be easily converted to mulch for gardening using a wood chipper machine. Other valuable trees on this unique plantation include Mahoe and Teak! This is a rare opportunity; Let us talk!

Property Details

  • Lot Size: 4443120

Exterior Amenities

  • Lot Size: 4443120

Site Influences

  • Not Sewered
  • Sloping
  • Treed
  • Views